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Vinton Gray Cerf: In Silicon Valley, failure is a sign of experience

Vinton Gray Cerf, PhD in computer science and global vice president of Google, considered one of the fathers of the Internet, has been sworn in this afternoon as honorary doctorates from the University Ramon Llull (URL on a proposal from the Higher Technical School of Engineering Electronics and Computer La Salle-URL on the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first studies of telecommunications in Catalonia. Cerf, who now enters and join the faculty of La Salle campus Barcelona-URL, is considered one of the greatest inventors still alive. His contributions to the development of the Internet and the World Wide Web put it at the head of a whole digital revolution that has transformed commerce, communication and entertainment global landscape.

Cerf has made a speech where he has set Internet value as a design example, noting that “virtualization almost everything gives entrepreneurs the freedom to try new ideas with few fixed costs, to advance the vanguard of technology and encourage experimentation that before would have represented an investment of time and money unthinkable”. In this sense, Cerf has advised that “in Silicon Valley failures are a sign of experience and hope it can also be the case in Spain, where innovation and entrepreneurship should become the key to improving the economy of all citizens”.

Google vice president also explained that “design has a purpose and objectives set, seeks to satisfy a utility and, in many cases, some aesthetic aspirations for delight the senses, but also adapt to restrictions”. Cerf recalled that, at the time along with Robert Kahn, worked in the “network of networks”, and applied some of these restrictions and principles that significantly influenced the design of protocols and architecture that today make up the Internet. One was the option of stratification and concealment of information “has expanded Internet in scale, incorporating new transmission technologies and support an abundance of new applications and protocols, one of which is the World Wide Web, which has become a crucial component of the Internet infrastructure”.

Vinton Gray Cerf also talked about issues such as WIFI network which was very important at the time and wondered if we could say the same of other initiatives around the world as smart cities. “So far it indicates that much remains to exhaust all possibilities offered by the Internet to find new ways of implementation of networks. As we explore the Internet named things, we will open new prospects for applications that are based on groups of programmable devices and interconnected that we at home, at work, in the car or on top of us. “

And on other developments, Vinton Cerf has made clear that “although it is abused, the term large data or big data is important,” but not only in the field of large amounts of temporary measure in series, but also data on our DNA, and bacteria and viruses that live within our organization”. This type of information can analyse and extract to reflect on health, resource consumption, global warming response, etc. “The most important of continuous data collection is that we can establish baseline parameters and, from here, detect deviations from the norm.”

Andreu Veà-Baro, Digital Champion for Spain (European Commission), made the gloss merits of Vinton Gray Cerf, by reviewing personal and professional history of Vinton Cerf and has been worth it “has been devoted to work and solve problems that most of us do not even contemporaries had raised “. Veà has also highlighted some phrases uttered by Cerf, like “I think the most important feature of the Internet is that it is agnostic in terms of transportation,” allowing anyone’s permission is not needed to try anything. Veà concluded that “spend extraordinary and clearly things have persuaded with passion and diplomacy all incompatible to connect all computers in the world, using TCP0 IP, is really extraordinary and unprecedented”.

In his speech, the rector of the URL, Josep M. Garrell, stated that “it is now indisputable that thanks to new technologies, our life has been transformed. Now it is necessary to devote efforts to reflect on the uses and abuses “. Internet, Garrell said, is a “system in which all must contribute to their future. And in this work, Cerf personalities like we would have to generate a sense of tranquillity”. In this sense, the president added that when “visionaries like him in his field, continue to provide reflection on the evolution of technology and revolution in use, is when we think we are in good hands, and that the future will take us towards an educated on new technologies that put the individual Company and, thus, humanism, in the centre of development”.

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