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Technology information division in industry

The technology information division, study, develop, implement and manage all the data generated in companies. Many of this data is confidential and should be stored with special care for avoid loss of quality and attacks from external persons. Services like storage in cloud, internet of things and protection of information make reliable the companies and increase his worth in this industry since, the costumer of this epoch always is looking for reduce the risks.

Tech Data have bought the AVNET Technology information division TI the transaction has been valued at $ 2.6 billion and it will allow Tech Data to add solutions in the cloud. The purchase of Avnet will enable Tech Data to add cloud, Internet and mobility solutions to its portfolio, said Bob Dutkowsky, CEO of Techdata.

The purchase creates a global IT giant, as Avnet’s IT solutions division has operations in 80 countries; While Tech Data has a presence in more than 100 and the majority of its revenue comes from Europe (60%) and from the American continent (40%).

The transaction valued at $ 2.6 billion, of which Tech Data will pay $ 2.4 billion in cash and $ 200 million in stock form, will help the wholesaler to become one of the top four global players in supplying Data and security and increase company profits in new markets, including the Asia-Pacific region.

This technology information division allows improve the profit goals of this company most faster, although this new area will make to excel and overwhelm the implementation of high growth technology. With his technology expertise, strategic alliances, training, resources and services, they provide complete customer solutions that span the data center and IT lifecycle. Working with Avnet Tech Data will:

  • Speed time to market
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Minimize investment and risk

Also offer technology services, software, hardware and solutions from the world’s most innovative companies. Capitalize on Avnet’s relationships with industry-leading suppliers:

  1. Deliver superior solutions across the data center
  2. Benefit from collaborative business-building opportunities
  3. Streamline development and delivery of solutions that span supplier lines
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