sustainable facebook data center

Sustainable Facebook Data Center

Last month the construction of the Sustainable Facebook Data Center that the company will have in Los Lunas (New Mexico) began, in a ceremony that reunited North American State representatives and others of the city. This new building will be powered 100% by clean and renewable energy. As the official site report “This is the first of several investments ensuring that Facebook Los Lunas becomes the sixth Sustainable Facebook Data Center  powered entirely by renewable energy.”

“It’s a big deal if the company goes to full build-out,” said Tonjes, estimating the potential construction investment of $1.5 billion over eight to 10 years. The company is advertising for 300 journeyman electricians to begin work on initial infrastructure starting in April.  General contractor Fortis Construction is scheduled to break ground on the data center in October, with completion slated for late 2018.

The facility, which will open in 2018 and will be built by Fortis Construction, will start with a single $ 250 million building, but could add another five more buildings in the future.

“We are excited to join our partners today at the construction site of our new data center in Los Lunas. This act of beginning construction is a time to celebrate the opportunities we have to invest in this project and in the local community, “they said from Facebook in a post.

But just as Sustainable Facebook Data Center  will invest in this project, the local community must invest in the installation of the social network.

New Mexico will not collect property taxes over the next 30 years and will waive taxes on the purchase of computer equipment, while possibly paying for water rights.

In return, Facebook will pay an annual fee that starts at $ 50,000 and can rise to almost 500,000.

The agreement is the result of a “war” between the states of New Mexico and Utah for hosting the new Sustainable Facebook Data Center  in the United States with different technologies data center virtualization, data center control, and colocation service.

The building will open in 2018 with a building, although five more can be added in the future.

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