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Storage infrastructure in Facebook DC’s

To improve the storage infrastructure at the begining Facebook data centers were provider by leasing, this platforms had less storage capacity and at five months were full of information with the steadly increase of users. With this major amount of users every day, facebook have build more data centers around the world with high quality features in capacity, cooling systems,  colocation service and the last engineering technology.

Some data centers building by the company in the last seven years are located  in Forest City, North Carolina, Lulea, Sweden, and Altoona, Iowa. As they said an adecuate storage infrastructure is necesary because “Loading a user’s home page typically requires accessing hundreds of servers, processing tens of thousands of individual pieces of data, and delivering the information selected in less than one second,”

Facebook plans to build a large data center in a commercial park near Odense, Denmark. The 184,000 square meter facility has three server rooms, an administrative building, a substation and power generators, all on a 500,000 m2 lot. According to reports from the Danish news portal, the company that bought the land in Odense for 10 million dollars, Cassin Networks Aps, is actually Facebook. It is not the first time that the social network uses another name for building a data center hosting.

Facebook has two other data center disaster recovery located outside the United States. One of them is under construction in Clonee, Ireland, and will cost approximately 220 million dollars. The other is in Luleå, Sweden, and is in operation. Inaugurated in 2012, two years later it had an expansion, although originally it cost 450 million dollars in construction and equipment.

It is not known how much Facebook will invest in the Odense facility, although construction plans show that it will be larger than that of Luleå. Apparently, the server rooms would hover around 92,000 m2. It is believed that work has already begun on the ground, since the construction company Mace has already moved there and fences and security guards have been placed in the area. Mace is the same company that will build for Microsoft a storage infrastructure and internet advertsing of 2 million euros near Amsterdam simiar to a colocation Frankfurt.

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