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Sonae S21sec IM and cybersecurity services

Sonae Investment Management (IM) has confirmed the acquisition of SysValue a cybersecurity services company with presence in the telecommunications, financial services, energy and government. Audit activities, consulting, integration, training and R & D of the consolidated entity Sonae IM as a key player in the Portuguese market leadership.

This acquisition, after S21sec operation in September 2014, represents another significant milestone in Sonae IM leadership in the European market of cybersecurity and the international expansion strategy of the company.

According to Carlos Alberto Silva, member of the Board of Sonae IM, “We are proud of this step will help strengthen our portfolio of cybersecurity, as we believe that there is a clear growth opportunity for us. SysValue represents an important for us in Portugal and even in other asset markets. We will continue to seek opportunities for organic and inorganic growth. ”

According Xabier Michelena, founder and CEO of S21sec: “It is a very important step in our international expansion as we can expand our customer base and offer specific high quality services to our customers.” With the acquisition of Sysvalue S21sec strengthens its capacity and expertise in the Portuguese market.

In this line, João Barreto, Founder and Chairman of SysValue, said: “Being part of the strategy Sonae cybersecurity IM is the result of 14 years of dedication to information security. Teaming with S21sec is an opportunity to raise the provision of cyber security to unprecedented levels of experience and sophistication. With this agreement, the service offering will expand the market orientation of R & D initiatives of SysValue and service delivery at the international level. ”

The integration of SysValue to the portfolio of Sonae IM also allow obtaining significant synergies that will involve the sharing of knowledge and experience in delivery techniques and resources for R & D, the establishment of common structures, alignment of strategies market orientation and consolidation of positions in key accounts.

Henceforth, Sonae IM can leverage relationships and activities of their companies with the aim of strengthening the strategy of the European Union to strengthen the soundness and preparing regions when addressing cybersecurity incidents. Through S21sec, Sonae IM assumes the Presidency of the European Group on Cybersecurity (ESCG), an alliance of five leading European companies.

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