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Software tech support: the best of Walhalla

Walhalla has announced the acquisition of a number of assets, including the production unit of the company Tissat S.A., two data centers, as well as various technology platforms and software tech support.

One of the data centers acquired is the one that the company Tissat had in Castellón, which was the first facility in Spain that obtained the Tier IV certification in design granted by Uptime Institute.

Under the corporate operation, Walhalla also includes a specialized team of engineers, with whom the company’s workforce is expected to reach 150 professionals in the coming months, a figure they expect to double in the next two years.

Walhalla will establish in Castellón, from now on, its global R + D + I center, taking advantage of the equipment that was located in the campus of that location and the agreement with the University of Castellón.

The total short-term investment, once completed the total of the operations in progress, is estimated at 10 million euros, with the forecast to reach 18 million in 2018 with new investments that are planned.

The expectation is to reach an overall turnover of 16 million euros in this fiscal year.

As indicated by Walhalla, the company already operates in several continents, being in the process of having commercial, productive and service presence in several countries of Europe, Africa, Latin America and the United States.

This operation is part of the Walhalla2020 Strategic Plan; whose main objective is to lead in advanced mission critical cloud services and software tech support..

Following these acquisitions, Walhalla increases its capabilities to provide solutions and services within the Virtual Data Center as a Service and advanced mission critical cloud ecosystem projects in collaboration with a growing network of system integrators and VARs.

To this end, it will develop its Nefeles technology platform for centralized orchestration of mission critical cloud ecosystem resources.

To this solution will be added federated data centers in several global locations, as well as building blocks of vertical and horizontal technologies provision able as a service in areas such as software tech support, IoT, smart cities, cybersecurity or unified communications in the cloud, among others.

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