Software data systems

Software data systems for enterprise applications

EMCs technology develop storage and software data systems in micro and macro levels to improve the use of customer information within each enterprise in order to, automate critical business processes. This companies in his majority work on Microsoft, Oracle and SAP applications who could be improved by mean of building new infrastructure needed to run such applications. For this reason, the invest on enterprise application have been increasing in the last years.

The retail company deploys EMC technology within an IT investment plan of 3 million euros, Lidl Portugal has invested 500,000 euros to implement an EMC storage solution in its new data center in Portugal, located in Sintra, where the new offices of the retail company will also be located.

This project with EMC technology is part of an overall investment plan of 3 million euros in IT. According to the local media, the implemented system includes the VNX, VPlex, Isilon and Recoverpoint solutions for the data center. The deployment of the new storage solution has enabled Lidl to improve productivity and enable proactive monitoring of the entire storage infrastructure, as they say from the company.

LIDL have invested 500,000 euros in storage and Software data systems in their DC of Portugal because of they want to innovate and optimize his platform, but they know that the way to achieve these goals is transforming the technology used to deliver IT services. However, bringing down his effort and cost of running older automation software packages (Microsoft, Oracle and SAP), they hope change the human and financial investments to transform all the aspects of the business like mobile experiences, better data analytics, and deeper innovation around services and products.

The first step in build a modern data center is creating a converged infrastructure platform which reduces the time and cost of procuring, deploying, configuring, and managing hardware and software components separately acceleration time to value for IT investments and software data systems.

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