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Secure Colocation Infrastructure For Brazil DC

Ascenty provides the most extensive and secure Colocation infrastructure in Brazil through Data Centers with TIER III certification. In addition to operational reliability, you will host your data in a high-density environment, with multiple options to connect to carriers and partners, which ultimately generates new business opportunities.

Ascenty’s ability to deliver comprehensive and modern Secure Colocation infrastructure has established the company as a true benchmark in this segment. Relying on a broad range of efficient connectivity options and high operational reliability rates, you can lease the space your company needs and protect critical data with unparalleled security.

The facility, with 10,000 m2 of construction, will connect with the other data centers of the company. Ascenty is investing about 400 million reals (about 120 million dollars) in its seventh own data center, located in the city of Sumaré, São Paulo.

Of that amount, some 170 million reals will be used in the first phase of the project. In an area of 20,000 m2, the new campus will have two buildings that will reach 10,000 m2 of raised floor and a capacity of up to 200,000 servers, with 16 MW for IT.The new Ascenty construction will have a substation of 80 MVA, with dual transformers that use 138 kV power lines.

In the refrigeration area, the facility will use both cold water systems and chillers with N + 2 redundancy. It will have a raised floor of 90 cm and a capacity of cooling of 70 tons (246 KW) for each room TI.The company expects the data center to be Tier III certified.The campus will be connected to Ascenty’s four operating facilities and the other two being built, using the company’s own 3,700-km fiber-optic network.

“We have been investing heavily in the expansion of our data center portfolio in strategic locations of Secure Colocation Infrastructure in Brazil. In Sumaré, we are making a great investment and more than 50% of the space has already been rented by national and multinational companies, “says Roberto Rio Branco, institutional and marketing director at Ascenty.

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