SAP unveils new German football team technology for Euro Cup

SAP and the German Football Federation (DFB) have unveiled new prototypes and technological add-ons for existing tools, all designed to help the German team to train and prepare like never before, facing the matches played during UEFA EURO 2016.

Continuing the association of joint innovations, dating back to 2013 and led the German team to obtaining the World Cup 2014, SAP has been helping the DFB to create a game plan for Euro including development two new technological prototypes, designed exclusively for the DFB and powered by SAP HANA Cloud platform:

Insights SAP functionality Challenger help prepare the selection for each of the matches played in the European Championship, providing useful and accurate information about the defensive and offensive rivals trends information possible formations of their opponents and more. Reachable via the SAP HANA Cloud platform will allow the coaching staff to analyze the tactical characteristics of their opponents and create a game plan based on that knowledge. Data will be available through iPads that players will have in the locker room before and during the rest of the game, being able to access the course game plan the opponent and replays of past games that allow the team to become familiar with trends opponent .

The analysis function penalties (Penalty Insights) for SAP Sports One, gives goalkeepers and their coaches useful data and real-time tactical behaviour assumed by the different teams and players when it comes to penalty shots. The team can identify the five opposing players who are more likely to take responsibility for pulling penalties, pointing out areas of the goal to which usually target, particular for kicking styles (analysing, for example, the way they make impulse ) and videos that corroborate these trends.

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