OpenStack and the IaaS in their data centers

Adam, ICT company specializing in Data Center, has updated its portfolio of services, which reinforces its commitment to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and placement in CPD. In this new stage, the Spanish company has taken a firm step to provide computing and storage infrastructure to their customers, thus increasing its service offering CPD with the OpenStack techonology.

IaaS solutions Public and Private offer from two data centers that Adam owns in Barcelona and Madrid, providing an environment where high availability (HA) with geographical distribution. Since the two nodes in active-active solutions adapted to the most demanding SLA architecture offered. The Adam communications network allows us to offer minimal latencies between different nodes and offer capacities up to 10Gbps internal traffic. All network elements are redundant and traffic flows across multiple transit operators under BGP4 configuration protocols.

The solution proposed by Adam for IaaS platform is based on OpenStack platform, modular design, consisting of a collection of constantly developing internal projects under the latest technology in IaaS environments.

More than 200 companies have joined the OpenStack project among which are AMD, Avaya, Brocade Communication Systems, Canonical, DELL or Ericsson, among others. The implementation of OpenStack Adam has allowed him to develop scalable IaaS projects and improve the efficiency and performance of systems to its customers, providing significant cost savings and ensuring provision of quality services IaaS.

Adam infrastructures are also designed under the modular concept. Your CPD located in the Technological Park of Vallès (Barcelona) houses technical rooms with this technology, which adopts the latest energy efficient systems, power and security. Similarly, the Data Center in DATABOX container in the CPD of Adam in Madrid Sur is a completely transportable housing solution with high capacity for processing and storage systems. For these reasons the final purpose is that Adam reinforces its commitment to the IaaS in their data centers.

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