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Offsite backup services by Telefonica

Telefonica has been developing new truly channels to do business, at this moment the enterprise own data centers in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain, all their data centers are connected via high bandwidth network, this technology allows host and acces data in multiple locations, but offsite backup services is becoming the most attractive product for the companies.

Volume Backup Service (VBS)  for instance provides snapshot-based data protection for Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks on Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs). VBS supports both full and incremental offsite backup services. A full backup is performed at the first time, and the follow-up backup operations are all incremental offsite backup services. You can use data backups generated by either the full or incremental backup to revert EVS disks to the state when the backup is created.

Open Cloud VBS is easy to use, and you can perform online, one-click backup and restoration for system and data disks of ECSs.

In the data center located in Lima, the installation will be part of the backups and services in the cloud of national and international clients

Spanish operator Telefónica has also carried out a data center modernization project in the country.

Located in Lince, a district of the city of Lima, the installation will be part of the backups and services in the cloud that the national and international clients of the company request. As Pedro Planas Nascimbene, CTO of Telefónica Perú, points out:

“Demand is becoming more complex and requires us to make these investments to improve the supply of cloud and managed services redundancy that keeps us at the forefront.”

The operator has two data centers in Peru (Lince and Monterrico), and the increased demand for space encouraged them to start this investment.

The complete project has about 1,500 m2 and in its maximum power the building will reach 4.5 MW.

It will be a Tier III Certified Facility by Uptime Institute. The work will be executed in stages, enabling new rooms, migrating equipment and installing new services.

The first stage will be completed in the first quarter of 2017.

This is an existing building, so a strategy of implementation in stages has been designed to continue operating while it is being built.

“Being a building that now has data center rooms, transmission rooms with different technology equipment for different networks, the challenge is to migrate all this equipment to different rooms, keeping all customers in service,” says Pedro Planas in as to the challenges to be overcome.

Behind the project has been Huawei as supplier for Telefónica, responsible for LLD, acquisition of municipal license, construction, etc.

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