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Management Training within Openstack

Openstack is a cloud computing solution of IaaS type that consist on an open codes improving the lifecycle that will make OpenStack a “true micro-service application” the¬†service provider Mirantis is collaborating with Google and Intel to enhance Fuel, the specially designed OpenStack lifecycle management training tool, to get it working well with Kubernetes, the container-orchestration engine created by Google.

Companies say they are going to work with the OpenStack community to introduce OpenStack into Docker containers managment training developed by Kubernetes.

The software aims to give users thorough control over the placement of services used in the OpenStack control plane, as well as the ability to make changes to OpenStack. Mirantis says this will make the OpenStack control plane more resilient and self-healing.

“With the emergence of Docker as the standard container format and Kubernetes as the standard in container management, we are finally seeing a continuity in how people focus on the operations of distributed applications,” said Mirantis CMO Boris Renski.

“Combining Kubernetes and Fuel opens a new service delivery model for OpenStack that enables faster consumption of updates, helping customers get results faster.”

Kubernetes co-founder and Google product manager Craig McLuckie added: “The new union will turn OpenStack into a true microservice application, bridging the gap between legacy infrastructure software and next-generation application development. ”

“Many companies will benefit from using containers and management training sophisticated clusters to build a foundation that enables a flexible and scalable infrastructure.”

Mirantis had already worked with Intel and CoreOS on Stackanetes, becoming part of the work on the new project.

Jonathan Donaldson, VP & GM at Intel, said: “The combined open source leadership of Intel and Mirantis will play a decisive role in building bridges between the OpenStack and Kubernetes communities. Our joint efforts are aligned with the two complementary open source communities And powerful, making it easier for companies to manage private clouds. “

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