managed security service providers

Managed Security Service Providers

Managed security service providers arrive to the market with a wide range of solutions in these days when 34% of Spanish companies admitted they had not been aware that they had suffered a security breach until days after it occurred, according to a study by Fortinet

Security in the cloud is the main concern for IT managers in Spain

61% of Spanish IT managers believe that cloud security is their main concern, followed by internal threats (54%).

This level of concern is the highest recorded in EMEA, where the average did not surpass 53%.

This is drawn from an investigation commissioned by Fortinet and conducted by independent consultant GMI among IT managers of companies with more than 250 employees in Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

According to the study, 50% of Spanish IT managers believe that the best response to increasing security gaps is to invest in new cybersecurity technologies that protect the entire life cycle of the threat.

Outsourcing Security

Another conclusion drawn from this report is that the proliferation of security breaches is driving the outsourcing of cybersecurity to managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Before five years, 48% of organizations in Spain could be managing their cybersecurity through third parties, a percentage above the European average, which would be at 44%.

As for the priorities in protecting against cyber threats, 66% of Spanish companies indicate protection of corporate and customer data, over avoiding possible financial losses (51%) and damage to reputation of the company (44%).

“The study highlights the urgent need among business organizations across EMEA to prioritize the protection of end-to-end cyber-security with threat intelligence capabilities that enable them to meet the new challenges posed by enterprise digitization,” Patrice Perche, Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales & Support at Fortinet.

Some internet services providers are responsible of network security management in the companies, between their most important function are, the spam blocking, intrusion detection, firewalls, managed email security, and virtual private network management. For these reason Managed Security Service Provider has become the tool that can handle system changes, modifications and upgrades.

“Businesses need to respond quickly and effectively to security gaps by investing in integrated and adaptive cybersecurity architectures in networks with an increasingly perimeter perimeter,” he adds.

Tools used

The cybersecurity report concludes that of the 52% of EMEA IT decision makers who confirmed that they had suffered a security breach in the past year, only 16% were aware within minutes of the attack, down to 11% in the case of Spain.

Among Spanish companies, 34% admitted to having discovered that they had been the victim of cyberattack days after it occurred.

The security measure implemented by 19% of Spanish IT managers (17% in EMEA) is to implement threat detection technologies, followed by the availability of cloud-based cybersecurity services, a response offered by 16% The respondents (12% in EMEA).

The managed security service providers constituted the mechanism that the companies must apply to their IT departments if they want to protect the data bases of cybersecurity attacks, although there are many internet service providers who give outsourcing services since the cloud. In other words, each company make decisions about the way of protect the information and be safe of the hackers, because according to the service they take, they have more or less independence for afford security problems.



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