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How to make a work team thanks to Big Data

The recruitment techniques and tools are changing. Since the advent of Big Data to the field of Human Resources, the professionals do not stop looking for new practical applications to their everyday lives. The latest: the predictive recruitment, an innovative method selection departments which more accurately predict their staffing needs, and identify talent and candidates more conformed to these requirements. Here the study of potential and personality premium on knowledge and skills, and the goal is to collect the maximum possible candidate information and anticipate how it will fit within the company. Creativity, managing stress, leadership skills or optimism are essential. But these features are not alone. If properly used, this information will indicate deficiencies of the current team and give us an estimate of how the new organization. In short, a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the competitiveness of the company will be understanding.

Cohesion and team spirit to generate a positive energy

The integration of the talent within the team is essential for it to develop to the fullest. You cannot get anything good from a climate of tension. A team is not born, but becomes and transforms it. This is a goal, but also a problem, because we must create a team spirit, but also individually motivate each team member. For this to work, it is essential that each employee has his place and is involved, you feel responsible and part of the success of the team not as an individual but as part of this structure. A good working environment is essential to the success of any project. If the environment is not optimal, compromise is less strong, the effort is less and running gear ultimately be defective.

The performance also depends on the balance of the roles played by each of the team members should always be complementary personalities and potential. It is also interesting to put together in the same team several generations: a senior profile offer experience and knowledge, while a junior bring enthusiasm and motivation.

And how can businesses use big data to recruit?

Using Big Data to form a team today is a feasible reality thanks to the combination of existing data in an organization and all the information we can gather during the process of recruitment of candidates (personality test, predictive analysis, study each case, etc.). This is a very effective tool because not only identify which functions should be covered, but also what kind of personality we need to complete a round team. Therefore, it is essential to obtain the maximum information during the pre-selection phase, but also through social networks to have a global vision of perfect candidate and fill gaps in our current team.

In short, there is no good or bad employee, but intelligently integrated or not on a computer. Success depends mainly on the synergy of the work of a group of people, not a single individual.

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