K5 cloud: FUJITSU Srtarts in UK

Fujitsu UK begins in the worldwide deployment of its cloud platform K5, Japanese IT giant Fujitsu has brought her to Europe K5 hybrid cloud with OpenStack based service available from data centers with Tier III certification in the UK.

K5 can be deployed as a public cloud, virtual private cloud, private cloud hosted in a Fujitsu data center or private cloud hosted on the premises of each client. Eventually offer support for VMware environments and bare-metal servers.

The launch in the UK will be followed by other presentations in Finland, Germany and Spain, as well as Singapore, Australia and North America later in 2017.

K5 was released in Japan in late 2015, presenting itself as the flagship of Fujitsu’s public cloud. The company itself was one of the first users, having migrated 640 business systems and more than 13,000 servers K5.

Fujitsu might have come late to the party, but what it loses in punctuality, makes up for in functionality. K5 is the centerpiece of the MetaArc Fujitsu platform and supports four cloud deployment models, while ensuring the compatibility of both the infrastructure and applications by 100%.

This differentiates Fujitsu from service providers like AWS and Google Cloud that only offer public cloud, or HPE only offers a private model with Helion.

Nor is it an ordinary OpenStack, since Fujitsu has made further improvements to the software platform that has recently been praised for its stability and its readiness for production workloads.

“OpenStack has served us very attractive from the economic point of view, but many of the companies have not shown much enthusiasm to try it because they do not believe that has the characteristics of scalability”, said Mark Phillips, head of platforms in the cloud, IT services and hybrid Fujitsu EMEIA, DatacenterDynamics.

“So Fujitsu has focused almost all its development efforts on expanding OpenStack, added to the strength characteristics, failover and safety of OpenStack, to make OpenStack available and acceptable to the company.”

The infrastructure for the first European region K5 will be hosted in two data centers in London, providing 99.99% uptime SLA and providing data secure residence in the EU, at least for now.

Fujitsu will dedicate a total of eight European data centers for K5 once the service is fully deployed in the EMEA region, two for each zone.

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