The National Center for Supercomputing Barcelona and technology company renewed its strategic partnership sharing knowledge, synergies and resources, Mateo Valero, BSC, and José Manuel Petisco, Cisco, during the signing of the agreement The Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) and Cisco have signed a strategic partnership agreement that makes them technological and research partners. The aim of the initiative is to strengthen their collaboration by sharing knowledge, synergies and technical and human resources to research and design advanced solutions in technology areas of art, including the Internet of Things, Fog Computing / Smart Cities and computing platforms for the data center.
“To be more innovative and competitive we must promote new research programs and seek synergies between leading technology companies and academic and scientific community. Strengthen our collaboration with Cisco will enable us to contribute to consolidate Spain as a benchmark in smart cities and advance emerging technologies such as analytics and distributed supercomputing, “said Mateo Valero, director of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center – National Supercomputing Center.
Cisco and the BSC-CNS have previously worked together on various research projects, field testing and technology implementations over the past two years and this agreement establishes the necessary mechanisms to simplify and strengthen such cooperation, including the formation of a technical team research, a board and a governing board composed of professionals from both organizations, which will be located in the offices of BSC-CNS in Barcelona.
The alliance also aims to serve as an open innovation ecosystem and the involvement of third-party developers, start-ups and research organizations and education in designing innovative technology platforms, creating new business models that could attract talent and entrepreneurship and promote job creation.
The activity of the new team will be closely linked with the projects promoted by the Innovation Center Cisco in Barcelona, next to the BSC-CNS, Barcelona City Council and various technological and academic partners, conducted in December an innovative proof of concept Fog Computing technology designed to optimize the management of smart city services for citizens and visitors to Barcelona.
“The digital transformation requires a greater commitment to open technology platforms last generation, as IoT, Fog Computing or data center. This agreement aims to promote the creation of innovative solutions to accelerate the digitization of companies and Spanish administrations and generate an ecosystem of collaborative and innovative to enhance economic growth and quality of life of people research, “says Jose Manuel Petisco, director Cisco General Spain.

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