iomando opens doors with mobile

iomando is a turn down service and access control, in real time, which allows us to manage and open access from your smartphone. From now on the smartphone be your key.

The operation is very simple, consists of three parts:

  • Mobile app: you can download for free for iOS and Android both, but only those with permission can access granted open access.
  • Web control panel: controls all areas of simple and organized way real time. You can individualize each access control and make user groups with different permissions.
  • iobox: our switchboard Iobox is easily installed in any automation in less than 30 minutes. Just you need a power connection and another to the door itself.

We are already working with both numerous marinas and commercial business centers, coworking and businesses of all types throughout the country. Our idea has been recognized with several awards for innovation in competitions entrepreneurs.

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