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Insurance companies and data centers’ security

The capital of the Centers Data Processing for insurance companies importance and their needs in terms of infrastructure and systems and the challenges ahead were some of the issues put on the table at the meeting of the Observatory Capital, held in the Interxion headquarters, European provider specializing in hosting services in separate data centers.
The meeting, held under the title “The center specialized data: a new value for the insurance sector”, was attended by Robert Assink, Managing Director of Interxion in Spain, Ana Baranda, CIO of Zurich Spain, Fernando Monteavaro, CIO Metlife, Rafael Arnedo, CIO Grupo Mutua Madrileña, Antonio Canyons, director of technology services area Reale ITES GEIE in Spain, Oscar Lopez Ugarte, head of systems Rastreator, and Leopoldo Vizoso, insurance industry consultant. The table was moderated by Gonzalo Estefanía, director of Antenna and Radio Emissions manages.
The experts agreed on the importance of data centers have for their respective companies, since it is vital that they are fully active for insurance companies to have access to the information they need for their operations. “In our company is vital, we can not stand”, made clear responsible Rastreator data. “This is a strategic issue and it is essential that the high management of corporations understand the central position that technology issues have on their business,” said Leopoldo Vizoso consultant.
In that sense, the growing importance of outsourcing processes data centers highlighted. “It is clear that the arrival of Big Data will not allow us to maintain a system of own data center, because we have no capacity to do so. Therefore, we tend towards greater outsourcing of data that are not critical or have a volume of exponential growth, “he said in that line the Group Mutua Madrileña CIO, Rafael Arnedo. Ana Baranda, CIO of Zurich, said in this regard that “the tendency to maintain a single data center is changing”, which is leading to greater outsourcing. For his part, Antonio Reale guns also pointed to the outsourcing of certain technology areas as “variations of the moment and the needs of each corporation.”
Outsourcing is also the road that seem to mark two regulations of great importance for the sector such as the Organic Law on Data Protection and the Solvency II directive, which point to the growing need for security of the data center and therefore , to an increasing specialization in management. Vizoso noted that there is a “worrying” trend of small and medium-sized insurance companies, “which represent about 80% of the total,” which have neither strategic planning systems or with outsourced services.
In addition, outsourcing of data centers has led to increased business efficiency and reduce costs. “5 or 10 years ago we could do a tenth of what we can do now with the same resource. The yield has grown exponentially, “said the CEO of Interxion in Spain, Robert Assink. Ana Baranda, CIO of Zurich, confirmed that cost reduction, although he explained that the goal is to achieve greater flexibility in governance and control of information, aspect that coincided with Fernando Monteavaro, CIO of MetLife, for whom cost reduction has led to the outsourcing of data centers has allowed a greater effort in security.
Regarding the challenges for the future of data processing centers, Robert Assink stressed that one of the main ones is the development of increasingly efficient technologies for the lowest possible energy loss. In addition, special emphasis on the neutrality of provider data centers, as well as the importance of specialization.

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