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Information technology security and Internet of Things for next revolution

These days the information technology has become on popular business strategy for huge firms like DELL Technologies, however, it´s new target is make part of the new industrial revolution, for this reason Dell has reached an agreement with EMC which supply information technology security services.

Dell has closed the $ 60 billion acquisition of storage and  information technology security giant EMC in what has become the largest merger in history.With the deal completed, both companies are now part of Dell Technologies, a privately held business with a turnover of $ 74 billion.

“We are at the dawn of the next industrial revolution. Our world is becoming a smarter and more connected place with every minute that passes, and ultimately will be intertwined in a vast Internet of Things, paving the way for our customers to do incredible things, “said Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies.

“This is how Dell Technologies was created. We have products, services, talent and the global scale to be catalysts of change and guides of customers, big and small, in their digital journey ”

At a conference, Dell added: “We do not have to stick to the short-term vision. We have to think about decades. We will be the trusted supplier for the infrastructure of the next industrial revolution. ”

The new company has 140,000 employees (40,000 in sales, 30,000 in customer service and support) and has a presence in 180 countries, has more than 20,000 patents and has invested 12.7 billion R & D in the last three years.

By purchasing EMC, Dell also acquires its wholly or partly controlled subsidiaries including  Information Technology security firm RSA, software development company Pivotal, cloud software company Virtustream, and virtualization vendor VMware.

VMware will remain public, but has elected Michael Dell to the board as chairman.

To make the acquisition, Dell and its partner Silver Lake raised more than $ 40 billion in debt, earning $ 3.1 billion by agreeing to sell the Perot IT services division to NTT

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