Hosting and Cloud Computing in Telefonica

Telefonica reached an agreement to acquire Acens concerning service “hosting” for SMEs in Spain

The acquisition complements the capabilities of Telefonica in “Hosting” and “Cloud Computing” in the segment of small and medium enterprises in Spain.

Acens has two data centers in Madrid and Barcelona, plus presence in Valencia and Bilbao, and a team of over 180 professionals.

Telefonica has reached an agreement today with Nazca Capital to acquire Acens Technologies, one of the company’s leader in the provision of services “Hosting” for SMEs and self-employed in the Spanish and pioneer in the development of solutions “Cloud Computing” market.

Buying Acens represent a significant increase in capacity of Telefonica to offer services “hosting” and “cloud computing” in the SME segment, reaffirming its commitment to adapt to the needs and requirements of this dynamic segment.

Guillermo Ansaldo, chairman of Telefonica Spain, “this acquisition will demonstrate our commitment to the” cloud computing “and improve our portfolio of services in the SME segment, complementing our value proposition with respect to the competitive environment.

Acens operates since 1997 and currently has a presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. With two data centers in Madrid and Barcelona with more than 6,000 square meters and a team of over 180 professionals with extensive experience and technical capacity, serving a customer base of more than 100,000 companies.

Secure, flexible hosting using the latest Telefonica technology

Hosting in our Data Center consists of four core service areas: Hardware Renting, Data Backup, Data Monitoring and Data Storage.

This service offers physical space for your organisation’s computers in a Data Center equipped with the latest technologies, with full guarantee of security for your data, systems and applications.


  • Access to leading-edge infrastructure without any large up-front investment
  • First-class technical expertise – access to resources and technology specialists
  • Higher return on investment and cost forecasting – control of expenditure to be incurred each year
  • Increased flexibility – the ability to grow technologically without the need for recruitment of technical profiles or additional training
  • Free resources – adding value to strategic outcomes and organisational tasks.
  • SLAs – the highest levels of quality assurance in services contract
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