Hardware data center availability

Tier III: Hardware data center availability

The concept of  Hardware data center availability  Tier III is associated with a data centers classification, because to design, plan and build a service center, we have to be subject to some parameters and international rules. Specifically, Tier III is a measure of the reliability and it is summarized in four levels (1-4) where a most higher level is represented in more availability and therefore more costs and time to create it.

Hardware data center availability  Tier III Data center supply availability of 99,98%, it allows to plan maintenance activities without affect the continuity of the service centers, however this data centers aren´t be protected against some troubles in different components of the infrastructure and it has a 22 hours of interruption each year. In other words, that Data centers have not complete redundancy.

In this way, The Agricultural Bank of El Salvador , belonging to the Bancolombia Group, sets up an operations center that can offer backup to facilities in other countries.

The Agricultural Bank of El Salvador, of the financial group Bancolombia, has just inaugurated its Operations Center in San Salvador, after an investment of 55 million dollars.

The facility, which began construction in January 2015, will serve as a regional service and information support center.

In fact, the entity is considering the possibility of offering backup services to other operations centers in other geographies of Bancolombia Group – such as Guatemala, Panama and Colombia – and even export software development services, technical support and call center.

The data center responds to a Hardware data center availability  Tier III category, with redundancy in the systems throughout the facility. “We can live without electricity or water for a good number of days and thus be ready for a contingency that may occur in this country,” said Rafael Barraza, president of Banco Agrícola.

As they point out from the entity, this is the largest investment of the Bancolombia Group outside Colombia.

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