Data centers: Google increasing its investments

“For over a decade building some of the most effective centers of the world data. See how we do it and how operators of other data centers can also increase efficiency.”

“Invest in a cleaner future for all through long-term contracts with renewable energy producers energy. Learn more about how purchasing clean energy is a reasonable business practice.”

In the financial report of its second fiscal quarter, the company said it had spent 774 million dollars in the period in data centers, servers and networking technology. It is almost 170 more than the company invested in infrastructure in the last period. Those million figures reflect only capital investments, i.e. purchase of equipment and construction of buildings. There are also operational expenses, which reflects Google in another section Cost of Revenue knock Other (income other costs).

In addition to operations data center, this game (with a total of 2,410 million dollars in the second quarter, or 20% of revenues) includes amortization content acquisition charges, processes credit card, manufacturing and inventory-related costs.

The company does not give more detailed explanations in this section, but part of the production is interesting. Thus, as is known Google has bought Motorola and its CTO, Patrick Pichette, he said at a recent meeting of shareholders that the company also manufactures its own servers.

It is known that Google designs its own servers and some network devices, but until recently had not expressly stated that also manufactured. In June, however, Pichette told shareholders that Google “actually builds servers in a factory, in fact, makes us one of the largest hardware manufacturers in the world,” according to Wired.

Google had in the second quarter income per share of $ 8.41, the $ 7.68 for the same period last year. Total revenues of the company in the period were 10,960 million, a 35% increase in the ratio year to year. Motorola’s revenue accounted for 10% of that figure, 1,250 million.

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