Fortinet And Analytical Solutions

Fortinet solutions company cybersecurity high performance, today announced the purchase of AccelOps solutions provider of network security monitoring and analytical solutions. This acquisition reinforces the Security Fabric strategy recently announced by Fortinet, improving visibility of network security, analytical data security and threat information in multivendor solutions.

Ken Xie, founder, president and CEO of Fortinet explains that “sixty percent of all security breaches ultimately lead to data theft, a fact that occurs within minutes after that gap is generated and are not detected due to inefficient system threat monitoring and security event correlation. In addition, the lack of a holistic vision in organizations with distributed multivendor networks and the increasing number and complexity of information on threats pose significant security challenges in big-data. With the acquisition of AccelOps, Fortinet expands its security proposal, Security Fabric, to respond to these challenges by combining security and regulatory compliance with advanced security solutions from multiple vendors analytical, allowing intelligence automated security and processable from the IoT to the cloud. “

The main advantages provided by this acquisition are:

AccelOps solutions will become FortiSIEM and be part of the offer Fortinet Security Fabric. This will provide customers with greater visibility both Fortinet security solutions and other manufacturers, allowing more comprehensive network segmentation strategies from start to finish, from the IoT to the cloud. The correlation of security and analytical results will be incorporated directly into the Fabric Security offering that allows preventing threats automatically.

Information capabilities of new generation security and event management, or SIEM Next Gen of AccelOps with intelligence against threats FortiGuard Labs global threat detection and third will be integrated into the Fortinet security offering. Businesses will benefit from intelligence threats prioritized, with prioritized and coordinated intelligence against threats in the distributed network, under a subscription service responses.

The capabilities of the Security Operations Center of AccelOps (SoC) and Operations Center network (NoC) will be aimed at Service Providers Security (MSSPs) and Support Services Fortinet, including a new subscription service called FortiCare 360 °. This new service will offer customers automated security and performance audits of their security infrastructure and warn them about preventing unplanned service interruptions and avoid problems before they affect performance and service delivery.

Currently, AccelOps serves hundreds of customers in different vertical markets, with a strong presence in the business, government and managed service providers segment. This acquisition opens Fortinet SIEM market entry valued at 2,000 million dollars, and according to estimates by Gartner is expected to reach 2,900 million dollars in 2019.

Partha Bhattacharya, founder and CTO of AccelOps explains that “AccelOps Fortinet and share a common vision; provide comprehensive security throughout the IT infrastructure. Our goal has always been to help our clients manage security and compliance, easily and effectively. The synergies between the solutions AccelOps and vision Security Fabric Fortinet allow us to ensure that our customers are protected with intelligence to more scalable and recognized safety and performance analysis, compliance threats and control all kinds of network environments with security products from different manufacturers. “

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