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Football teams and how Big Data is applied in the world

SAP has announced that the Big Data Tour 2014 will come to Spain next June 2, where he remained two weeks, to be shared between two stops: Madrid and Barcelona. The truck, which came to Europe last May 5 from America, will visit 17 cities on the continent over the next 29 weeks, time that will travel more than 33,000 kilometers. The aim of this tour is to show and educate companies and current and potential customers on how they can harness the potential of Big Data to increase the agility of their business, anticipate consumer trends, optimize their supply chains and promote the return of capital assets. To do this it will use demonstrations on the application of analysis of large volumes of data to the real lives of people and companies from different sectors as for instance football teams. At each stop of the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to see the presentations prepared by experts from SAP and learn more about SAP® solutions and SAP HANA® platform. The tour will last until mid-November.
“The volumes of corporate data is growing at a rapid pace,” said Sergio Garcia Desplat, sales director Database & Technology SAP Iberia. “The treatment of this information is complicated because there is a wide variety of data which are in different formats and come from distintc- sources, which have to deal with traditional IT environments. The conquest of this diversity of data results in new processes and solutions to problems that could not be resolved in the past. To succeed and to maintain a competitive advantage, companies must be able to evaluate and interpret these huge volumes of data, as well as new sources as those from social networks, sensors and devices in real time. ”
During the tour, experts from SAP product and services, as well as scientific data, demonstrate how organizations can take advantage of these new opportunities. The base of the tour is a mobile showroom, including a truck that will travel around Europe to present case studies and scenarios that otherwise could only show in great events like CeBIT or SAPPHIRE® NOW.
A series of 20 demos guided show how can companies increase the existing business processes and how analytics with Big Data can provide a strategic advantage and differential value over its competitors, entering new markets and attracting new customers and benefiting more quickly innovation. Among the demonstrations will include:
A football presentation demonstrating how data can be used to align one of the best football teams in the world in terms of strategy and speed.
A traffic control center, which will show how companies are shaping the future of transportation through the analysis of large volumes of data that are made in seconds and are useful to make decisions into football teams.
Intelligent vending machine, which will reveal how you can anticipate customer preferences helping to improve the satisfaction of the customer experience and profitability of each retail outlet.
Other business proposals improved with Big Data and Internet of Things that can take advantage of technological innovations SAP cloud, mobility and predictive analysis such as SAP HANA, SAP SAP Fiori and Sentiment Analysis.
To facilitate visits, the tour will stop at the offices of customers. In addition to the demos and exhibitions, SAP has prepared various information tailored to each client sessions. Other activities organized as part of the tour include open day to see SAP products in situ; strategy sessions, where experts from SAP customers and collaborate on business objectives; and a strategy workshop in which companies can meet SAP solutions running in a test environment.

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