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Enterprise resource planning in Microsoft

The first phase of construction of the company’s third data processing centre (PDC) in West Des Moines will cost $ 417.7 million.¬†Microsoft purpose was to build another large data center in Iowa. Microsoft has finally revealed itself as the mysterious entity behind thedynamic project, a massive infrastructure development in West Des Moines, Iowa for improve the enterprise resource planning.

The company will appear before the Iowa Economic Development Council on Friday to claim $ 4.7 million in state incentives for the first phase of the facility, which is expected to cost $ 417.7 million. To get the funds, Microsoft must create at least 57 jobs, eleven of which have to charge a minimum of $ 27.92 per hour.

Local sources told The Des Moines Register that the project is located just south of the Dale Maffitt Reservoir and just west of Interstate 35, near Warren Avenue and 105th Street.This is the third multi-stage Enterprise resource planning built by Microsoft in Iowa. The company has already expanded its ‘Project Mountain’ several times, as well as its 1.1 billion ‘Proyect Alluvion’ facility, with new improvements on the way .

Project Osmium breaks into a period of rapid growth in Microsoft cloud services, as the company has reported that Azure has increased its revenue by 102 percent year on year.Iowa, which has favorable fiscal policies, has seen Google invest more than two billion dollars in a single installation and Facebook has recently started building its third data center in Iowa at a cost of $ 300 million. In total, Facebook is expected to spend more than a billion dollars in the state.

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a set of information systems that allows the integration of certain operations of a company, especially those that have to do with production, logistics, inventory, shipments and accounting.The purpose of an ERP software is to support the company’s customers, give quick response times to their problems, as well as an efficient management of information that allows decision making and minimize costs.

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