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Energy Efficiency in data centers

Starts the evaluation process CEEDA in Alestra data centers in Monterrey. Already in 2015, it remains independent companies, both Alestra and Axtel in Queretaro in Monterrey; CEEDA chose, the certification recognizes the implementation of best practices for energy efficiency in the data center.

Today again as the same company, Axte maintains and renews its commitment to international best practices; seeking certification of its third data center Alestra Monterrey.

“We have completed the process of certification in our Alestra CEEDA Green Data Center Queretaro, and we are ready to start the certification process for Monterrey. True to our commitment to society and the environment and in order to have an ICT offer 100% green, continue implementing best practices in energy efficiency, now also in our Alestra Green Data Center Monterrey, for which we hope to obtain soon the CEEDA certification “said Luis Arizpe Operations Manager Alestra

In addition, Hernan Carrano, Business Development Manager for Latam CEEDA tells us “facts show their capacity in infrastructure, process consistency, and professionalism in the operation. In short, are positioned at the forefront of the industry.”

The CEEDA certification has already been applied in other pioneering companies in the region as KIO Networks, Claro, Axtel, Cemex, Telefonica.

What is CEEDA?

CEEDA (Certified Energy Efficiency in Data Centres Award) is the only independent and certified evaluation data center that provides a plan of action in all areas (operational management, mechanical and electrical and IT infrastructure) and deployment in energy efficiency.

This certification, which is recognized in the best practices covered in the scheme by various associations, institutions and professionals qualified in energy efficiency internationally (BCS The Chartered Institute for IT, ASHRAE, ICREA, US Department of Energy, The Green Grid, European Union, ETSI, Energy Star, etc.) enables performance improvements, comparisons between facilities and publicly demonstrate leadership.

Design & Operation in CEEDA two evaluations to over time, one at design time and a second is made when the DC is already built and operating. 90 points are revised to include specific aspects of technical areas such as cooling (performance unit’s cold temperatures management drive / return units, etc.), power (performance points transformation and losses, sizing and use regarding the IT critical load, etc.) and IT (blind panels and enclosures, room management, efficiency in power supplies, etc.). It also refers to strategic areas for the operation such as the coordination between areas, or contemplate purchasing departments by the factor of energy efficiency among the other usual criteria, among others.

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