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Active System Technology Implemented by DELL

Dell is giving a boost to what appears to be the future of your enterprise business in Europe with two new bets converged infrastructure based Big Data management and load management as the base of active system technologies.

At the same time, across the pond, faces the prospect of a purchase by its founder Michael Dell, according to US media, he wants to combine its 15.7% stake in the company using 1,000 million dollars’ personal funds to gain control over the PC business Dell and get better returns in step to cloud.

With both ads, Dell aims to make managing workloads easier for business customers, adding optimized solutions for SAP HANA for the deployment of servers, storage and networks; and, while based on their acquisition of Gale Technologies to add Active Systems Manager 7.0 converged infrastructure platform.

The two announcements are strongly aimed at eliminating hot spots deployment for medium and enterprise customers are facing increasing amounts of data, increased levels of virtualization and long terms as regards the provision of technological environments.

Active Systems

Active Systems Manager is built into converged infrastructure offering Dell Active System 800 and also provided based on each node for those using a legacy architecture.

It has been designed to allow rapid provisioning of IT environments and covers servers, storage and networks. It can also be used in environments legacy data centers using different technology to Dell, taking advantage of the position of the company towards open standards.

Dell said the solution can reduce deployment times to a matter of weeks rather than months, eliminating lengthy design processes and procedures.

“Active Systems comes preconfigured and ready, with cabling, rack and IT. Customers simply connect electricity from the top of the rack, there is little integration with major networks and is ready, “said Andy Rhodes, executive director of Dell convergence. Although Rhodes indicates that Dell is flexible in how the software is placed in Active System, Active System Manager 7.0 comes preinstalled.

The active system can be sold without the rack, or separate elements, but the overall idea is to offer simpler ways to manage physical and virtual network and server resources and storage using pools previously created across multiple systems, the added ability to incorporate new resources over time.

“We have many customers in colocation facilities that do not allow us to take a different rack to what they have as standard, or other on the third floor of a building that cannot transport the rack in the elevator,” said Rhodes.

Active Systems Manager V7 is designed to make the center more agile and efficient data, according to Dell. It is based on a template database that includes physical configurations such as the deployment of a hypervisor.

“You can choose a template and schedule, even if it is a highly variable environment. You can see how your infrastructure is provisioned and what jobs are beginning and which have stopped. Once it is ready, the process automatically takes over, “said senior technical marketing responsible for Dell, Aaron Prince.

It also offers a level of monitoring and eventually will eventually include capacity planning, but for now, according to Rhodes, the system is aimed at eliminating hot spots of the day.

Rhodes said the system has been created with a vision longer term to a bet of software defined networks, from the acquisition of Force 10 (specializing in high-performance networking company). “But we are not doing a real network SDN yet,” he added.


Dell also released four templates workloads for SAP HANA that come as pre-integrated systems, covering 1, 2, 3 and 4 TB, which can be stacked in a modular manner.

It has based its appliance configurations in a single server to help optimize SAP workloads, simplify the system and accelerate deployment. It also makes use of management systems, automatic tiering, energy efficiency and scalability capabilities built in storage solutions and Dell servers.

With the growing popularity of SAP, manage SAP environments has become a common theme among the players last year. In November 2012, Fujitsu announced its own management tool called SAP FlexFrame Orchestrator.

According to Rhodes, with increasing amounts of market data, interest in these tools is moving from big business to medium-sized enterprises, hence the Dell modular approach in the SAP HANA platform.

Dell has received SAP certification for running SAP HANA as a pre-integrated system that can work with servers, Dell storage and networks.

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