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Data Processing Centers Instead of Humans?

Should they fear for their jobs industry professionals? Startup robotic proposes the concept of Data processing centers without human personnel. The hosting company PayPerHost (PPH) has laid the foundation of the concept of fully robotic and autonomous data centers that suppress the inefficient human beings, and aim to reduce energy and reuse significantly increasing productivity.

PPH DatacenterDynamics said that “we did some calculations with an expert in HVAC (stands for high-voltage alternating current), we requested two patents and a trademark, we designed and developed a marketing video.” The company is now looking for investors for his “RoboNodes’ and hopes to build a prototype.

PPH says that the constant increase in energy consumption in data processing  centers is a problem that contributes to climate change, although a recent report sponsored by the Government of the United States shows that only experienced minimal growth in energy consumption data processing centers.

Zsolt Szabo, CEO of PTT, said: “The server rack has more than 50 years no other piece of technology in processing data centers that have survived for so long.”.

“Working with commodity hardware is often inefficient and difficult. The idea of RoboNodes is therefore satisfy the need of an IT infrastructure more efficient. “

RoboNodes posed by the use of a rail-guided replace the storage nodes and server when they fail robots. “Nodes” contain a customized baseboard with power and Ethernet ports integrated into a port, a CPU, eight slots of RAM and SSD six units.

By contrast, a human being would be able to replace “occasionally” broken servers with new ones, “said Szabo to DCD.

When asked about the experience of PPH with robotics, Szabo replied: “It is not really intensive robotics basically robots that move on a rail in a very predictable environment is discussed.

Robots have already been introduced elsewhere, Facebook and Sony and robotic design for archived data collectors.

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