Data and Cloud the new invest in IBM

IBM announced last week, an investment of over 1,200 million dollars in expanding its global presence in the cloud. To do so will create a global network of local cloud centers that provide their customers with the flexibility, transparency and control over how to manage your data, run your business and deploy their technology environments in the cloud locally.

IBM will offer customers cloud services from 40 data centers in 15 countries of 5 continents. During this year, IBM cloud open up to 15 centers in cities of China, USA, UK, Japan, India, Canada and Mexico. IBM’s goal is to have at least 4 cloud data centers in each of the following geographical areas: Europe, North America, South America and Asia. In 2015, plans include the opening of centers in the Middle East and Africa.

In Spain, IBM opened a cloud center last September in Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona).

It is estimated that the cloud market will grow to reach a turnover of 200,000 billion in 2020 worldwide [1]. private and public organizations deploy its cloud services, from where they also sell, develop new products, manage their supply chain and transform its business practices.

The new center network cloud IBM will enable customers to use applications worldwide without having to rely so heavily on Internet lines for connection to servers located in different countries, thereby avoiding disruptions caused by network traffic public. In addition, customers can choose one of the centers to locate your service or choose to be available in all of them. When there is a problem in a data center customer will not be affected because it can use the resources available in any of the other data centers so that your application will not be affected. These same advantages apply to services back up.

In a world in which proliferates the need for quick responses from any device through social networks, automation and speed of data access with high availability and control make the cloud infrastructure IBM SoftLayer an important resource for customers all the world.


SoftLayer acquisition represents a major investment by IBM for its customers. Since its acquisition in 2013, IBM SoftLayer has served nearly 2,400 new customers cloud.

In fact, IBM SoftLayer use technology as the basis of its wide range cloud. This infrastructure provides a secure, scalable foundation to offer globally the wide range of software and solutions IBM cloud service mode. The global network of centers in the IBM Cloud will also provide the ability to perform rapid development and placing on the market of mobile, analytics and social solutions.

IBM last week announced the creation of Watson Group with an investment of 1,000 million dollars, a new business unit dedicated to the development and commercialization of cognitive innovations and Big Data in the cloud. Applications are developed in SoftLayer.


IBM is a global leader in cloud with a wide range of solutions that help clients to think about how to use the cloud, build a private or hybrid cloud and using cloud services. No other company in the market is able to combine knowledge of the industry that has IBM with the new capabilities offered by cloud technology, which has already helped more than 30,000 customers worldwide. Today, IBM has more than 100 cloud SaaS solutions, thousands of experts with deep industry knowledge and a network of 40 new centers throughout the world.

Since 2007, IBM has invested more than 7,000 billion in 15 acquisitions to accelerate cloud initiatives and create a cloud offering great value for customers. In 2013, IBM has been for 21st consecutive year the company with more patents in the annual list of America. IBM processes more than 5,500 million transactions with customers in a public cloud. IBM expects to reach 7.000 billion dollars in cloud billing in 2015.

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