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Data center Engineering: new trend in knowledge

A new Data Center Engineering is racing up at this moment, it’s develop depend on the industries who have been called to be the main consumers of these services which going beyond the instalation of a data center at structural level.

We interviewed Isidro Ramos, Managing Partner of Aeon Engineering, to tell us the details of this new project that comes to enrich the data center industry:

How is the company born?

Aeon Engineering was born for three reasons.

The first is that very important companies in the data center world that have known us for many years, encourage us to start and trust our capacity and criteria.

The second is that we have a vocational engineering team of very high level, which is passionate about their work and also has that criterion, which, in my opinion, is what makes one engineering not better, but different from another.

The third is that, from our experience, we perceive that, in addition to traditional data center engineering, customers need services that are currently undefined and the opportunity to develop them is there.

On the other hand, in Spain we have a very good data center engineering offer – and the proof is its international success – but very little, so we think that Aeon’s presence enriches the sector.

What niche market do you want to occupy?

Aeon Engineering is born not only to offer the traditional engineering services (Conceptual Design, Detail Engineering, PM, Commissioning and Certifications), but all those that we call “advanced”.

We have detected engineering needs that give a lot of value to the customer and yet are undeveloped, in our opinion for two reasons:

  • The difficulty of defining these services and adapting them to the dimension of the project.
  • The ability to conceive and define the necessary processes, and as a consequence, their valuation.

For us it is not new to create services from scratch, since “there was no book” either when we started. The key is the definition and adaptation to the dimension of the project and in this, modestly, I think we have shown to know how to do it.

What are your goals for that first year of activity?

I can already advance that we have had a great reception – we will never be very grateful for the support received and we are already working on projects and in tenders for projects inside and outside Spain.

Our goal is to consolidate ourselves as an innovative company, “ADVANCED,” in Data Center Engineering Services and with extensive collaboration frameworks.

Describe to us a little the resources with which the company is born: staff, training, etc.

In Aeon Engineering we are an Engineering team that has been working together for more than 10 years, designing and executing data center projects.

In addition, our knowledge of the world of Information Technology and communications is a great advantage. As you know, the Director of Engineering of AEON, for many years’ systems director, and directed an engineering department of IT projects and all that background IT, also makes things much easier.

In what countries do you want to be present?

Directly, in principle, we are only in Spain. But, as we said before, we are already working on tenders outside Spain in collaboration with engineering and industry companies.

In what areas will you specialize?

Our specialization covers the life cycle of the infrastructure project, so we participate in all phases of traditional data center engineering.

But as we said before, the type of engineering services, especially in the initial and decision-making phases, on the one hand, and in the final stages of operation and maintenance, are, with few exceptions, very poorly developed.

Our differential value focuses on these three concrete moments:

  • In the early stages of decision making, where our IT background is very important.
  • During commissioning and commissioning, our experience in operation, maintenance and integration of DCIM tools are our strengths.
  • In the phase of operation, we want to be the engineering that accompanies the client in optimizing the operation both at the energy level and in guaranteeing availability.

What do you think is lacking in the data center market?

The way to approach a DC project is not like other projects, where the decision is based on “proposals” from the usual suppliers and decision making, but, in my opinion, the process requires to rely on specialized engineering.

Correct TCO analyzes are not done before the investment, including the technology itself and, above all, the operation.

On the other hand, I also believe that the market lacks a certain order between the role of each: engineering, installation companies and manufacturers. But it is also true that we are all responsible for this disorder. It is true that this was justifiable a few years ago, when the current level of specialization did not exist, but I think that phase should be overcome.

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