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Data center disaster recovery: ING Direct case

IT companies must be warning about the risks and other situations in their platforms to restore and recover the information because, if some event damage his normal operations, a data center disaster recovery near can support and manage these kind of accidents by the time that be necessary. Companies who have used this tool are more reliable and efficient than others which does not have, since it is known that, one hour without the system is very expensive and could be one reason of panic at other levels of the economy. ING was one of the companies affected by this problem.

More than one million users were affected on 10 September after a fall in the ING data center in Romania, which was confirmed by the financial institution itself.

A planned test of the fire extinguishing system, which did not go as expected, seems to be the cause of the power outage in the data center. ING wanted to check the fire extinguishing system in its data center, but the gas used to extinguish the fire – the Inergen extinguishing agent – caused unexpected damage to the servers and the data storage system. During the drill, there were very loud sounds that affected servers and storage systems who does not have a data center disaster recovery.

Apparently, these damages were due to the generation of extremely loud sounds during the test.

This resulted in a drop in the CPD, which lasted approximately 10 hours and affected the services connected to the storage system: ATM operations, online banking, card transactions, communication systems and the ING website in Romania.

The repair of the problem lasted longer than expected due to the complexity of the incident and the extra security measures taken to secure the database.

The fall will have an economic effect on ING, as the bank has announced that it will return the fees paid by its customers to withdraw money from other entities after the incident.

Data and money from customers, however, have not been affected by the absence of a data center disaster recovery.

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