Cybersecurity operations center

Cybersecurity operations center shield for new attacks

The new Mnemo SOC helps to create personalized “vaccines” that evolve and adapt to new risks, Mnemo, a Spanish consultant with an international presence focused on Information Technology and Cybersecurity, has presented in Madrid an innovative Cybersecurity Operations Center (SOC).

This infrastructure, which allows real-time monitoring of attacks around the world, has been designed to help create adaptive, evolutionary and intelligent defense systems.

Thus, thanks to Mnemo’s CyberSecurity operations center SOC, companies and institutions can generate their own customized defenses adapted to changing realities and new threats even before actual attacks occur.

Numerous tools have been created for the reactive defense of the attacks, which act as a treatment against an infection when it occurs.

What Mnemo has managed to develop is cyber-immunology: the generation of adequate and appropriate defenses to prevent attacks and prevent infection as a vaccine, so that the immune system is prepared to respond to external aggressions.

These defenses are variable and ready to switch automatically, building non-static immune systems.

Although the number of specialized companies in our country in cybersecurity is not large and Mnemo is one of the few Spanish companies with an international vocation and with R & D & I investment capacities, the company’s CEO, Joaquin M. Polo, has Highlighted the position that Spain occupies:

“Mnemo, a 100% Spanish company with an international presence, is an example of the great potential of our country exporting cybersecurity, since we are one of the countries that are at the forefront in this field. With regard to the European average, we are among the most active countries with defense and response capacity. “

In addition to the new CyberSecurity operations center (SOC)that has been inaugurated in Madrid, Mnemo has a Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CERT), which provides the greatest joint capacity to provide services to risk and to create timely defenses.

“Traditional cybersecurity systems are insufficient and, in order to deal with new and sophisticated attack strategies, it is necessary to create infrastructures similar to living organisms that, far from being infected with each attack, are strengthened by them and help them to become Stronger and immunized, “said Roberto Peña, Director of Mnemo Security.

Mnemo interprets the corporate and institutional ecosystem as if they were living organisms that could be attacked by external agents (e.g. viruses). Peña explained that “the response of an organism when it is attacked by a pathogen is more effective if it is immunized, that is, if its defense system is alert and prepared to repel aggression, that if it deals with post-treatment”. Similarly, organizations can act more efficiently against cyber attacks if they have their own active alert system.

Companies such as BBVA, the Ministry of Justice, Liberbank, Sanitas, FCC, Barcelona Football Club, Mercadona, Enaire or Bancomer, among many others, have already relied on Mnemo.

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