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Contact center and TI infrastructure

According to the survey that was conducted Interxion, a European provider specializing in hosting services in separate data centers, in collaboration with the magazine Contact Center, nearly 80% of contact center in Spain maintains its technological infrastructure in its own facilities and one four must address technical issues relating to the data center. These were some of the findings that the company has presented during the First Day of Knowledge for Contact Center, an event held with companies.

The purpose of the survey, conducted at 100 companies call / contact centers in Spain sector was to know the importance for them their IT infrastructure and communications in customer service. It sought to know from where you are staying this how important are IT certifications in service. “The questionnaire revealed that the IT infrastructure of the contact center is enormous and is usually housed in the same offices call centers, in a room designated as the CPD,” explains Robert Assink, Managing Director of Interxion Spain. The data show that only 9% use a professional data center, while the rest leaves it in the hands of integrators, telecom providers or cloud services.

24% of the contact center that keeps your IT in an internal CPD said problems related to the area of facilities, for example, the shortage of electrical power or cooling resources.

The survey has revealed that the CPD is part of the sales tools in this sector, as more than 60% of respondents organizes visits of potential customers to their CPD, to show the infrastructure that supports the service.

Regarding certifications, although 60% believe the ISO 27001 information security is especially important to qualify more restrictive competitions, only 10% have this certification. The ISO 9001 quality itself has a higher penetration with 90% implementation in the sector.

“It is a fact the importance of connectivity for these companies, so we asked how they had mounted their communication networks and what their suppliers were. As communications are an integral part of the business model of the contact center, to qualify for various networks and have multi-supplier agreements it is crucial. In the case of voice providers, each contact center has at least three different suppliers and in the case of data with two. The main telco operators in the country account for the bulk supply of voice and data services, “said Assink.


Analyzed the findings, the sector must face essentially four barriers to become the contact center of the future: the cost of facilities; the lack of budget; the difficulty to replace current providers and resistance to change in organizations.

To demolish need to invest only in what is necessary and not in assets that can be purchased as a service, look for suppliers with neutral business model and facilitate training for change management.

“In this survey we have perceived some captive in relation to telecommunications services, resulting in some cases of the geographical location of contact center and consequently lower supply available. The contact center of the future will remove this barrier opting for the data center as a service, providing greater connectivity options, “says the CEO of Interxion Spain.

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