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Computing Storage and transformation of Data Centers

Nutanix, the first company to offer a solution scalable computing storage, and distributed in the Iberian market by Exclusive Networks, continues its unstoppable rise since the presentation of its first computing platform and converged storage at the end of 2011.

Founded in 2009 by four of the brain responsible for the design and development of storage systems Google, Nutanix is transforming the concept of storage virtualization a truly revolutionary way, thanks to its solution converged infrastructure that consolidates computing storage in a single integrated device.

“Nutanix uses the same design principles and technologies IT companies innovative as Google, Facebook and Amazon to deliver a ‘simple’ and ‘efficient’ product that eliminates the need for storage architecture network worth as one storage area network (SAN) or connected to the (NAS) storage, “says Jan Ursi, EMEA director Channel Sales & Field Marketing Nutanix. “The perfect combination of computing storage in a single box escalable- -highly simplifies, reduces costs and accelerates time-to-value for all virtualized applications. In addition, the Virtual Computing Platform Nutanix has altered the way companies design and manage their virtual data centers, enabling customers to tailor their storage and computing resources according to their demands. “


IDC estimates that the world market for converged infrastructure will reach 17.800 million in 2016, which provides Nutanix tremendous development potential for the coming years. In this line, last May, Nutanix announced that in just six quarters, had experienced a growth of 80%, achieving worldwide to date over $ 100 million revenues.

Such performance has allowed him to outshine speed market adoption of all new storage companies, networks and infrastructure since the early 2000s; and he has led the management team of the company to reiterate its commitment to continue this explosive trajectory, doubling its size over the next 12 months.

Over the past year, Nutanix also made significant progress in the development of its customer base Nutanix for implementing a wide range of projects including Private Cloud, VDI and Big Data solutions; Also incorporating more than 100 employees to its workforce. It has also been remarkable growth of its distribution network, expanding its headquarters, which has doubled in size, and its strong global expansion. Regarding the latter, it is worth noting that international sales now represent 33% of the total, and the company has sold products in more than 30 countries in the last six months.


Since both Global 2000 companies as large and medium-sized enterprises and government agencies have responded overwhelmingly to the innovative Nutanix solution for enterprise data centers, the potential of the Spanish market in this sense does not go unnoticed.

Present in Spain through its wholesale Exclusive Networks, Nutanix has changed in our country the way we understand computing  storage thanks to its appliances based approach. Similarly, his work philosophy ‘simplicity equals efficiency’ has enabled him to win the support of leading experts of national virtualization that greatly value the ease and consistency of Nutanix technology deployed in complex environments.

The fast time-to-value of their technology (deployment in less than 30 minutes) and the design of its modular components, which enables organizations to start small and then climb gradually in large cluster installations without performance degradation; It has been key in this position.

To date, Nutanix has already undertaken several important technological projects in our country, which already has references in different sectors such as banking and Engineering, among others. Such is the case of a company in the banking sector, where they have solved the performance problems of their VDI environment Nutanix technology.

It has also proven to be the ideal solution to cover the needs of cloud providers, making this market niche in one of the most potential presents.

Looking ahead, the idea of the company is to continue to demonstrate the value of its technology, increase its installed base, and continuing to build a strong network of integrators that permits its technology to the top.

“The adoption of technology Nutanix in EMEA has been very rapid, especially in Europe. Thus, after only six months of use more than 50% of our customers decide to buy again, and almost 70% acquire additional units in 12 months, “says Jan Ursi. “This unprecedented growth has also reached Nutanix Iberia, thanks to successful projects rapidly growing. The Nutanix channel partners in Spain understand that our product allows them to undertake more projects virtualization faster and getting a higher margin. Similarly, companies find that the total cost of a virtualization project can be reduced by 30 to 40% “

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