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Cloud Services are strength by Indra

The new CPD of the Madrid suburb of San Fernando de Henares increases the capacity of technology company to provide management services and systems completes its offer In- Cloud services as a base infrastructure for FLEX IT delivery model-demand cloud services Indra.

With almost 5,000 m2, and the most advanced tools and technologies, the Data Center ensures support at all levels of service to customers around the world.

The new facilities have the characteristics corresponding to TIER III level and accommodate both Indra dedicated infrastructure or its customers as infrastructure sharing, in both cases managed by the IT company.

As a key part of its strategy in Cloud Computing, Indra, No. technological multinational 1 in Spain and one of the largest in Europe and Latin America, has launched a major center for data processing (CPD) last generation its facilities in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid). The new building has an area of nearly 5,000 square meters spread over four floors, of which about 1,000 are home to the current server room with capacity for about 450 RACKS. These 1,000 square meters 700 square meters of surface enabled to respond to future growth of the CPD and able to accommodate another 370 RACKS meet.

This Data Center brings together all the cloud services that Indra has been providing in the data centers of its corporate headquarters in Arroyo de La Vega and those located in Anabel Segura and Telemachus. From its modern facilities, and under very tight security, infrastructure, processing capacity and services required is provided to provide supporting information systems about 60 large customers in all sectors and 36,000 users own company located in offices in 41 countries.

This advanced center has all the characteristics specified for installations TIER III classification created by the Uptime Institute to determine the degree of confidence associated with four levels of availability. Level III is awarded to the CPD able to perform any activity planned on any component of the infrastructure without interruption of the operation and results in a percentage of maximum availability of 99.982%, equivalent to a time of annual stop 1, 57 hours. also has ISO 27001 certifications information security, ISO 9001 quality and ISO 20000, which ensures that the processes used meet ITIL best practices.

With this new center, the technology multinational strengthens its ability to offer cloud services through Flex IT, its advanced on-demand delivery model. This is a proper delivery model Cloud services that Indra has developed and uses the full potential of “cloud”, aligning the provision of infrastructure and services to the real demand of its customers at all times.

Since its “cloud”, Indra offers its customers all IT management processes needed to support the different possible levels of service: Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service Management, Application Management as a Service and Software as a Service. Indra’s offer includes everything from support systems and shared resources to operation and maintenance services and cloud common methodologies and standards.

Integral security

Security is one of the most important aspects in the new CPD, both from the point of view of the confidentiality of data, as service availability and threat detection.

From the physical point of view, all power equipment, cooling and communications CPD are n + 1 configuration. The building has double electrical connection from two different substations and two processing centers (with 2 transformers of 2,500 kVA each one dedicated only to the IT equipment). A single transformer would be able to feed the entire building. In the unlikely event that fail simultaneously feeding the two substations, automatically become operational emergency diesel generator with a deposit of 40,000 liters, enough to provide electricity supply to the building for at least 48 hours. Its capacity would be similar to that required to feed a complex of 700 homes with an average consumption.

The facilities also have the most advanced detection equipment and firefighting, as well as access control and alarm systems for intrusion detection covering the entire perimeter of the center.

In the server room, so-called “cold corridors” to allow more uniform get all the equipment and more efficient from the energy point of view cooling are used. For security reasons all wiring is air, and easy installation, identifying potential problems and resolution of faults. The plant also houses two chillers under cover of a thermal power of 1 MW each to heat the room equipped with batteries CPD “frecooling”.

As for the technical infrastructure delivery model Cloud Indra is based on an architecture of Virtual CPD for each client where, in an environment of communications process and shared storage, using technology solutions from vendors such as Cisco or Checkpoint isolate safely. and it provides a controlled environment that guarantees the tight nature of each client using secure access through virtual private networks and a double firewall level.

Advanced communications and control center

The new center arrives in a redundant manner and by different path leading communications companies, allowing the choice of supplier and guarantees service availability. The center also houses one of the nodes of services ISP (Internet Service Provider) of Indra.

The operational management of the data center is carried out from an NOC (Network Operation Center), which is located in the same building that manages both the center itself and the processes 24 × 7 guests staying. The NOC houses the physical infrastructure (display panels, alarm systems) and control tools of different basic systems of CPD (electric power, cooling, etc.)

All operations of the CPD are based on the most advanced tools on the market, both for the management of IT processes (incidents, changes …), infrastructure management (monitoring, security) and tools Industrialization (management of batch processes, automation management systems, among others). Indra works with its main partners (Netapp, BMC, Cisco …) in the deployment and integration of their tools, allowing geographically distributed technical teams in Spain and Latin America to provide support for companies hosted in this data center.


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