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Cloud computing: The 350€ Finnish computer focused on the cloud.

Although the term cloud computing is already sufficiently worn as to give anyone a jump in your seat when you hear, the truth is that this technology is ruling most everyday actions we do today with a computing device, from the PC to mobile, going through a Smart TV. It makes sense there who propose these teams focus almost exclusively on the cloud.

A project emerged in Finland has created an oriented clearly to the cloud computer. This team is called Solu, which is the word used to define a Finnish cell. The name refers to the metaphor of biology to explain how your operating system works.

Solu creators point out that when we see a content, whether a web page, text or video, open the appropriate application. This happens automatically and do not realize it, but every time you access a video sent to us by WhatsApp, you’re running another software. And if you have the necessary software you cannot access the file. They know very well who work with Mac and Windows.

Solu operating system, which is raising funds on Kickstarter, has the aim to stop this separation between files and applications. Each time a content sharing on your platform will be done as a unit, a cell, the file will be shared and application. So compatibility problems are over. This can be done thanks to the cloud is in the bowels of this computer, which limits storage as well as transmission of information play in another league.

It is not the first computer-centric cloud arises much less. Projects like Chrome OS appeared several years ago with the propensity to revolutionize the world of computers. It has not happened and it is certainly not in this case, but the fact is that Solu has some outstanding features.

Your collaborative environment is in the veins of the operating system, which has been developed considering the possibility that groups of people to edit documents at once or make comments. The idea resembles a computer that all folders can be like Dropbox.

Solu is compressed into a device 4 × 4 inches, where by the way the creators have introduced 32 GB of local storage, although it is obviously made to be continuously connected to the cloud. Its price is 350 euros. But the company that will market the product based its business model on subscription cloud service, with which the functionality of the equipment will be completed.

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