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Business Process Management Improving Startsups

The Business Process Management optimize process in startups to understand how the companies are making their business, in this period its mandatory make a design, make a model and make and organization of the different strategies to improve the productivity as email archiving solutions.

Several Spanish companies have developed projects, or are currently doing, based on IBM’s cloud technology. These range from large companies to startups such as Cabify, HIPRA, ODF and SetPay.

As we have already indicated, Cabify, a Spanish mobility company with presence in Latin America and Portugal, has chosen the IBM Cloudant solution to store and manage the large volume of data generated in the cloud.

Payments and all Business Process Management between drivers and users are made through the web or your mobile application, so it is very important that the information is available at all times.

For its part, energy service provider ODF has chosen IBM cloud technology to continue the improvement, digitization and automation of its business processes.

Managing your Business Process Management (BPM) in the cloud, in software-as-a-service (SaaS) mode, email archiving, helps ODF become more efficient.

In the case of HIPRA, the company is working with IBM to integrate the Internet (IoT) solutions available on the IBM cloud platform with its animal vaccination services.

This technology allows HIPRA to continue advancing in development and innovation in the areas of research, production, marketing and sale of vaccines for animal health.

Finally, the Spanish company of payment methods SetPay has chosen the cloud technology of IBM for the development of new technologies linked to the payments with credit card.

“IBM aims to make technology not an inhibitor to business; Moreover, we want you to be a facilitator and, going even further, an accelerator of any idea and that, later, accompany you in the growth of your business, “says Angel Moreu, Cloud Director of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel.

“The configuration of IBM’s cloud technology offerings in recent years has been geared towards this goal, thanks to our own developments and to acquisitions and alliances,” he adds.

In fiscal year 2015, IBM revenue in cloud computing reached $ 10.2 billion, about 50% more than the previous year.

In that year, the company introduced more than 65 new cloud services and already has a network of 48 cloud centers around the world, one of them opened a week ago in Oslo, Norway.

In Europe, IBM has a total of 12 centers, one of them in Barcelona.

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