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Business Information technologies: Epsilon

On September 29, a “Cocktaill with friends” was held, named after the commercial relationship that Epsilon established with its customers and business partners during these 10 years of success. The event was held at the Terrace Hotel W located in Campos Eliseos in Mexico City and the purpose of this was develop Business Information technologies.

The event took place between CEOs, IT directors and some executives of banking institutions and different business sectors, among others.

With this meeting, Épsilon demonstrates once again its confidence and commitment in the growth and development of the Mexican market of business information technologies, guaranteeing to be a business partner with the experience of knowing different industries, different manufacturers that allow to advise what is needed in each Specific project.

“I think that Epsilon has two big challenges, one is to be very specialized and that shows in the solutions that brings us, suggesting the type of technology that we must introduce and how to exploit it in the best way; The second has to do with delivery, which is the king in the systems issue, “said executive Humberto Padilla, deputy director of technology and production at Comer.

Épsilon participates with Telefónica México in favor of its expansion, and in January receives the Uptime Institute Tier III certification in Facility for its data center in Ixtlahuaca (Mexico), explains the engineer Miguel Lemus, manager of infrastructure engineering, network and services.

Épsilon Ingeniería y Conectividad, S.A de C.V was incorporated as a company in June 2006, and began operations in mid-August of the same year, growing at an average annual rate of 31%. In a panorama that is currently living in Mexico, more than 80% of data centers have an average of 7 to 10 years of age and require optimization for improvements and growth, satisfying the current demand where companies need to expand their Infrastructure to optimize and improve the yields that allow organizations to provide products and services to individuals and companies with better quality standards.

“Epsilon is the result of the daily efforts of many people,” said the director general, engineer Sergio Navarro. “We are a company focused on serving our customers-users. Our MISSION reads: “Contribute to increase the productivity and competitiveness of our customers …”

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