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Big data is key to the future

Having information is power, so hard to believe that many companies and even governments know not exploit the enormous potential of people and processes data on their own computers.

That’s one of the many important conclusions that are extracted from the first World Meeting of ‘big data’, which met last week in Bogota, contest that featured experts on the subject, as the young Spanish Andres Contreras, the so-called ‘Chico big data’, considered genius in harnessing the data.

The ‘big data’ offers a range of technologies for intelligent analysis of the huge amount of data that is exposed in new technologies, and is considering increasingly to predict the world’s problems in business, trade and in daily life.

Technically, the ‘big you data’ is a process that involves the incorporation of large amounts of information from structured sources (information systems and databases) and unstructured (social networks), for analysis using algorithms and cognitive systems that allow determine behavioural patterns to support decision making.

But Contreras, with just 20 years of age recently, one of the most advanced and specialized experts in their minds, says: “The ‘big you data’ is a problem, not a technology. It is a problem that businesses and all of us as users, we generate more information than we are able to deal in real time and business time management”.

The researcher, who keeps traveling around the world and provides recommendations and advice to companies in processing and data storage, believes that in the next 10 or 15 years the world will be transformed. “The computer is going to allow machines to think for us, and help us solve problems as serious as the cure for cancer and other terrible diseases,” he predicted Contreras, who holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University.

If anything has surprised in his short yet broad experience is knowing that the enormous information capacity of governments and large corporations do not have identified, and when you work on it must channel this information and requires months and months to make the most. “It is not to believe that all this information is not well used.”

Health and medicine

For Contreras, analysis applications of ‘big data’ in the world of health care are as numerous as multifaceted as cover research and practice. “It’s so easy to apply, for example, in systems remote monitoring of patients with chronic diseases may limit doctor visits, emergency room visits and hospital days, and prevent complications in the future.”

But also in sectors such as medical and chemical it can meet the future demand for its products to decide investment in research and development and make no mistakes in unprofitable projects without success.

How will evolve in enterprises

To Contreras Guillen, the ‘big data’ is a reality. Many businesses that start in the world of digitizing what matters most to them are their clients. Experiences are the most innovative and real.

For example, companies like Google, Amazon or Facebook have reached the success thanks to its risky bets in this new science of computing. “Storage and analysis of massive data are the backbone of the business model of these companies. Under that they will arise new forms of organizations and relations between senior management and employees, which will improve business efficiency. It is a win for everyone.

Contreras warns that security new ways to combat crime and ensure cybersecurity know, while in sport the ‘big data’ is already changing the traditional role of coaches and helps to strengthen the high physical and athletic performance of athletes.

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