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Basque Country leads the public technology investment, ahead of Catalonia, Madrid and Andalusia

AdjudicacionesTIC, the online platform for analysis and consulting dedicates its activity to the information and advice from technology companies in their relationship with over a thousand entities and agencies of the Public Administration in Spain, analysed the awards and the various regional administrations tenders during the first quarter of 2016. Basque Country (almost 90 million), Catalonia (almost 85 million euros), Madrid (about 40 million) and Andalusia (28 million euros) were the regions which local and regional administration with more technology investment, more than 75% of all regional and local public investment.

On the opposite side of the scale, Cantabria (with just 600,000 euros), Aragon (approximately 2.4 million) and Navarra (with about 2.8 million euros) were the regions where less public competitions related technology were awarded.

In short, regional and local administrations invested in technology by 50% in the first quarter of 2016 to reach 313 million euros in awards compared to 208 million in the same period of 2015.

The most important awards during the quarter were: Basque Country, two competitions for the provision of telecommunications services for different buildings of the Basque Government combined value of 50 million euros to Telefónica and the development and maintenance of applications ANS the Provincial Council of Biscay, worth 6.2 million euros for Ipartek Computer Services.

Meanwhile, in Catalonia a framework agreement with Microsoft for the subscription, acquisition and support for different software worth 7.2 million euros was signed; also Seidor won a contest worth 3.1 million euros for the transfer of the right to use Microsoft software licenses. The Oracle CTiTI awarded 2.5 million euros for the maintenance and support of Oracle installed licenses.

In Madrid, Vodafone won integration services, maintenance, maintenance and improvement of communications platforms, telephony and access to the City of Alcorcón by 4.9 million euros. Meanwhile, Informática El Corte Ingles got 4.6 million for maintenance and troubleshooting of users in the Metro de Madrid.

Finally, the Andalusian Health Service hired IECISA to provide maintenance services licenses the products necessary to ensure the availability, continuity and security of their information systems worth 5 million euros.

In the same period of 2015, Basque country won competitions related technology worth more than 19 million euros (4.6 times less than in the first quarter of this year), while Catalonia did it for about 36 million euros (2.3 times less than this year) and Andalusia for more than 17 million (60% less). Only Madrid, invested more in technology in the first quarter of 2015, with awards worth 44 million euros.

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