AWS platform hosting Wave App

AWS platform hosting Wave App

AWS platform hosting Wave Application is a technology to localization and to get in touch between people, this app allows for localization of your contacts in a private map by limited period and with the consent of each person.

The main idea of this app is offer a solve for reduce the time of their users. The main market of this app is Spain, Mexico, Colombia, United States, Chile, India, Argentina, and Emirates when there is not a private server virtual.

The Spanish application of private geolocation Wave Application has managed to respond to its rapid growth through a cloud solution on Amazon Web Services designed with Claranet.

After launching in 2014, the AWS platform hosting Wave registered large volumes of traffic due to the exponential growth of users and their concurrency, experiencing scalability problems.

At that point, Claranet, an AWS partner in Europe, was commissioned to design a more robust and elastic platform that would guarantee the operation of the service always.

Wave needed to increase database performance, improve the design of the cloud architecture for it can deploy without interruption of the service, optimize the application at the code level and reinforce the security of the platform.

The application deployed on Amazon Web Services consists of an API backend developed in Python with Django and WSGI, which responds to REST requests from the mobile application.

Through the AWS Elastic Beanstalk dedicated hosting server web, the platform adapts its capacity to the concurrence of users, automatically increasing it when the activity is greater, and reducing it when that increase of resources is no longer necessary.

The new solution developed provides auto scaling rules, caching systems, author retrieval mechanisms, and continuous deployment capabilities.

“Facing a project on a global scale and as ambitious as Wave is a huge challenge: the need to offer a 24/7 real-time service is critical,” says Pablo Clemente, CTO of Wave Application.

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