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Amazon Web Services: Now is Worldwide

Amazon Web Services is a platform of cloud services which provide power in computing, data base storage, contents delivery and other usefulness to help enterprises to climb and grow up.

This is a service addressed to small and medium enterprises and startups, that allow access to the basics elements to respond fastness the changeable enterprise requirements.

Amazon web services have advanced features like upload photos, advertise and choose electrical appliance, also AWS have a wide range of data bases engineers, server settings, encode and the power tools of big data allows that enterprises are focus in his main business and avoid loss of time fitting their infrastructure.

Amazon web services cloud are available in 190 countries, 13 regions, 35 zones and more than 50 point of local presence. With AWS you can create apps that will be available around the world or maintain the data sovereignty. With this services you can save time and money since AWS has the flexibility to fit his services in whatever sector.

Located in Paris, it will be available in 2017 and will be the fourth region of AWS in Europe

Amazon Web Services has just announced that it will open a new region in Europe, specifically in France.

Located in the Paris area, this new AWS region will minimize latency and allow those users who want to store their data in data centers in France.

This new region of France will be available to AWS customers in 2017.

Paris will become the fourth AWS region in Europe. AWS currently has two other regions in Europe – Frankfurt and Ireland – and the new UK region, which will be operational in the coming months.

Together, these regions will offer AWS customers a total of 10 Availability Zones that will allow them to build highly fault tolerant applications and store their data in the EU.

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