Airbnb joins Barcelona Tech City cluster

Airbnb, the platform that allows people seeking accommodation connect with others that have space, has become part of the panel of Global Partner of technology cluster Barcelona Tech City. The technology platform, global leader of the “sharing economy” and has always opted for the Barcelona technology ecosystem and passes more actively involved in local economic and productive fabric of the city, the result of its strategic commitment of proximity and support entrepreneurship. This move reinforces the already significant Barcelona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in the field of collaborative economy.

Barcelona is one of the most important cities for Airbnb, not only as a destination for travellers and hosts the platform, but as a networking hub of major companies in Europe. Based in San Francisco, the start-up created eight years ago by three entrepreneurs, build bridges between technology hubs of Silicon Valley and Barcelona, promoting awareness among both business cultures, as well as attracting talent and entrepreneurs’ reference.

According to Arnaldo Muñoz, Director General of Airbnb Marketing Services in Spain and Portugal, “Beyond the clear commitment by one of the most important cities for the platform, Airbnb see in Barcelona a great opportunity to lay the foundations for dialogue and collaboration between the and traditional sectors of the new economy. In addition, it can serve as experience and best practices for both other cities and for other sectors.”

In the words of Miguel Vicente, president of Cluster BCN Tech City, “Count on our cluster with one of the companies emerging from Silicon most important in recent years Valley, is a great opportunity to create synergies and to promote and transformation the new digital economy through laying the foundations for dialogue between traditional players and new players in the sector”.

Airbnb: Barcelona Tech City, technological Hub reference in southern Europe

With the addition of Airbnb, Barcelona Tech City continues to gain strength, having become, in just three years since its establishment, in the technology hub of reference of southern Europe. The cluster now has over 280 members and represents more than 300 companies in the technology sector in Barcelona. Among the main objectives of the cluster is the promotion of the Barcelona brand technology, promoting entrepreneurship, promoting digital tools as an engine of change trade and traditional industry and connecting the digital sector based in Barcelona with the capital of Mobile.

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