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5 Trends in cloud centers by 2014

Cloud centers systems, voice biometrics, tools, knowledge management, big data, and social networking and mobile applications are the five trends in contact centers this year if we balance that will be the key lines according to experts and global manufacturers, for side, and what we see in everyday with our customers, on the other.


These days everything is cloud ¬†centers and therefore it seems a bit dangerous to start with a title that may seem “empty”, but in this case I think it is entirely right that heads the list.

We see a clear trend. All practice it is considering as an option when renewing their infrastructure, evaluating both the leap to a private cloud service as a public. With this, mainly seeking three objectives:

  1. Increase flexibility in the day, both functionality and scalability.
  2. Reduce investment in infrastructure, through recurring payment models.
  3. Access architectures redundancy and high availability, which would hardly be justifiable for a dedicated facility.


In all areas companies seek to improve the customer experience with the same or lower costs. To solve this equation, voice biometrics systems are suitable. This technology is already mature and allows its use not only in systems Automated Attendant (IVR), but during the conversation with the agent, you can see on your computer an index of the reliability of the identity of the person with whom is talking.


One of the goals of most contact centers is to be able to give a uniform and optimal response as well as possible decrease in training costs of the agents. Here are the systems of knowledge management, which allow providing assistance to them beyond a mere search engine or a frequently asked questions: offer search with semantic analysis, wizards for troubleshooting, consolidation documentation from multiple sources, support for multiple languages …


Under this heading as fashionable we can find analytical reporting systems that allow us to find trends within the millions of data generated by a contact center.

In this regard, include systems Speech Analytics, which convert voice conversations to text, and perform comprehensive to help classify calls and find what has been called “the voice of the customer” analysis, ie, let us find out what we call customers, what problems they are to get and when are satisfied with our response, find the keys to what we have done well to replicate. Every day we are learning how important it is to know our clients and these systems are valuable tools for this.


Continues the unstoppable growth of social networks as well as the time spent on them. For this reason, many companies have made the leap and are serving customers through them. Often they use more or less basic tools, with an orientation and function quite different from the typical tools of a call center, but as they increase the number of messages and agents appear needs in other channels have covered long ago “how many messages I receive? how? slow to answer how my agents are doing? am better or worse this month?”

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