3 keys to the technology access in companies

Technology access in companies have generated a digital transformation into a competitive market, nowdays the implamantation of new technics and methods must be the general condition to survive into the economy, although the new generations are asking for new products and services to satisfy his demands.

Access to technology has enabled companies to improve their processes, while users has caused a change of habits and customs when communicating with companies. Talentoscopio consultant defending Cultural Transformation and Talent in business, it has developed a model of digital transformation in which to explain the three main points for a company to conduct a thorough digital transformation at all levels of projection.

1. Redefine the stage
“Until very recently, has been measuring the digital economy based on the size of technology companies, its infrastructure and the options offered by e-commerce, but the digital transformation is much more, especially if we that we must include many actors and various business sectors, “says Marta Diaz Barrera, Advisor digital Transformation and Talent and CEO of Talentoscopio.

2. New roadmap
The technology access in a digital market transformation requires companies to set new goals, to review internal policies and to meet the new spaces that will occupy in the market, and that means incorporating new talent profiles. Marta Diaz Barrera, “the transformation that is occurring outside of our projects and companies, we are considering internally? What are we really doing to jump on the bandwagon of Transformation?. ”

3. Future Work
The man-machine relationship will accentuate. It is estimated that more than 7 million people worldwide will lose their jobs in the coming years. “Are our professionals trained in digital skills demanded by the market? According to a study by Accenture, 71% of managers and executives around the world is aware of this new digital environment, and is preparing proactively and quickly to acquire the necessary skills, “concludes Marta Diaz Barrera



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